• Traditional Build

  • Working with all Trades on site, we can provide the right scaffolding and access solution to ensure safety, productivity and efficiency for the duration of your project.


  • Traditional build projects are reliant on the right scaffolding and access solution from the outset of the project to ensure that the scaffold provided allows a multi trade safe and efficient working environment.

    Usually a single boarded working lift, working to SG4:15 and TG20:13 is raised with 'progress of work' as the brickwork and floors are constructed on the building. Working up to eaves, the final working lift is positioned to allow roofing works to be completed and then subsequent adaptation of the scaffolding is undertaken to allow for any detailed external finishes, cleaning down or window installation.

    The scaffolding working lifts are now generally erected with two lifts per floor of the building, which allows for a maximum 1.5m bricklayer lift and then a further lift to allow for the floor installation not exceeding a fall greater than 450mm as required now for safe floor installation.

    This also allows for the safe installation of each working lift to SG4:15 where the handrail for the next working lift is installed from the already boarded lift below before installing ledgers at handrail height and then raising the boards and brickguards.

    Confused or need some help with your next Traditional Build project, why not get us involved at Tender Stage and let us help you with your scaffold schedule to ensure a greater cost certainty.