• Timber Frame

  • Make sure that you get the right scaffolding and access solution for your project with either System Scaffolding or Traditional Tube and Fitting

  • Timber Frame construction is common place now in our everyday building of houses and flats. This quick and easy method of construction allows for multi trades to work on one building at any one time, whilst the building is made weather-tight quickly and efficiently.

    This causes certain problems in relation to the scaffolding and access for the building that need to be understood and overcome early in the project planning stage.

    Our management and site teams work closely with our clients to ensure that all scaffolds firstly meet the stringent demands of TG20:13 and for a semi-permeable façade and no effective points of tying the scaffold structure to the building in the early stages of the building arriving to site.

    Often is the case that the scaffolding structure, as shown in this image above, is erected free-standing prior to the Timber Frame Building arriving to site. This will require additional internal handrail, limitations on the number of working lifts that can be installed prior to the building being erected and buttressing to the scaffold structure to ensure the scaffolds stability and safety at all times.

    System Scaffolding is the ideal solution when under-taking a Timber Frame building and if you are considering a Timber Frame Project with us, please contact us as early as possible to ensure that the right scaffolding and access solution can be provided to meet your needs and that of your project.