• Loading Bays

  • Loading bays must conform to either TG20:13 or a specific design relative to the work and load that the scaffold structure is required to support. Loading Bays can be supplied to our clients specification or requirements in either traditional tube and fitting or using system scaffolding. 

    Loading bay gates are used to provide a safe working area and edge-protection whilst site operatives are using the loading bay for the movement of materials to the working lift of the scaffold structure. These easy to use and handle gates allow for the free loading of materials onto the Loading Bay mechanically whilst the operative stands behind a double handrail, with brick guards and a toe-board. Once loaded, the operative lowers the gate allowing edge-protection again at the front of the loading bay and access to the recently loaded materials.

    The safe working load of the Loading Bay is provided in both pictorial and word on every loading bay on site to ensure that trades are aware of the SWL (Safe Working Load) od the scaffold structure so as to ensure that it is never overloaded.


  • Using TRAD's Plettac System Scaffolding Loading Bays, we can provide Loading capacity of up to 6 tons without design, with the option of multi-level loading with gates or loading by crane. This system is fast, neat and has excellent capacity for loading by multiple trades on site. 


  • Exclusion Zones can be provided at the base of the loading bay to ensure that operatives cannot walk into the possible danger zone below the loading bay whilst loading or unloading is taking place.